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The Miniature Australian Shepherd is the mirror image of the standard-size Australian Shepherd.
Welcome to Alamo Aussies where we raise quality Mini Aussies for sale on a farm in south San Antonio, Texas.

We have available puppies!

With over 15 years of experience in veterinarian technology, the health of our dogs is taken very seriously and we strive to raise quality and healthy pets.

Our puppies are kept up to date on vaccinations and dewormed regularly. We sell our puppies as pet quality, so we recommend they are spayed or neutered, but still have the quality to show and perform. Our dogs are registered with NSDR. Deposits are accepted to hold a puppy of your choice or we can put you on our waiting list until the next litter arrives.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd was started as a breed in 1968 from a group of small select Australian Shepherds. Their motivation was to create a dog with the characteristics that made the Australian Shepherd great, but in a package small enough to better allow them to be house dogs and easier travelers.

Size ranges from 13" - 18" tall, measured at the top of the shoulders, weighing between 15 - 35 pounds at maturity. It is in the "Herding Group" and is seen in the Breed and Obedience Ring, as well as in the home as a supremely devoted companion and pet.

They come in coat colors of blue merle, red merle, black or red tri or bi. All come with or without copper/tan and white trim. Their eyes may be blue, brown, hazel, amber or one blue, one brown or have flecks or be marbled. Their tails are sometimes naturally bobbed and longer ones are docked.

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is full of love and devoted to their family. They are fun, highly motivated with a great sense of humor and play. They can be easily trained, they are excellent natural guardians of the home and have strong herding instincts. They are calm and confident, but may be reserved with strangers.

Alamo Aussies
Nick and Lori LaBarbera
Phone: (210) 635-7299

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